1.01.20122.01.2014 extra bed/night
1.01.20122.01.2014 4.61 EUR/breakfast
16.06.201830.09.20182 persons in 1x244.03 EUR/room/night
16.06.201830.09.2018up to 12 years old on an extra bed, 2 adults + 1 child12.22 EUR/extra bed/night
21.08.201831.10.20182 persons in 1x219.73 EUR/bed/night
21.08.201831.10.20181 person 1x227.33 EUR/bed/night
21.08.201831.10.2018under 6 years in 1x210.97 EUR/child/night
21.08.201831.10.2018under 12 years in 1x215.35 EUR/child/night
21.08.201831.10.2018up to 12 years old on an extra bed10.97 EUR/extra bed/night
21.08.201831.10.201812 - 15 years15.35 EUR/extra bed/night
21.08.201831.10.2018adult person on the extra bed17.55 EUR/extra bed/night
1.11.201823.12.20182 persons in 1x217.45 EUR/bed/night
1.11.201823.12.20181 person 1x224.30 EUR/bed/night
1.11.201823.12.2018under 6 years in 1x29.71 EUR/child/night
1.11.201823.12.2018under 12 years in 1x213.57 EUR/child/night
1.11.201823.12.2018up to 12 years old on an extra bed9.71 EUR/extra bed/night
1.11.201823.12.201812 - 15 years13.57 EUR/extra bed/night
1.11.201823.12.2018adult person on the extra bed15.51 EUR/extra bed/night
24.12.20182.01.20192 persons in 1x222.00 EUR/bed/night
24.12.20182.01.20191 person 1x231.12 EUR/bed/night
24.12.20182.01.2019under 6 years in 1x212.22 EUR/child/night
24.12.20182.01.2019under 12 years in 1x217.12 EUR/child/night
24.12.20182.01.2019up to 12 years old on an extra bed12.22 EUR/extra bed/night
24.12.20182.01.201912 - 15 years17.12 EUR/extra bed/night
24.12.20182.01.2019adult person on the extra bed19.56 EUR/extra bed/night
3.01.201931.03.20192 persons in 1x234.91 EUR/room/night
3.01.201931.03.2019up to 12 years old on an extra bed, 2 adults + 1 child9.71 EUR/extra bed/night
1.04.201915.06.20192 persons in 1x239.45 EUR/room/night
1.04.201915.06.2019up to 12 years old on an extra bed, 2 adults + 1 child10.97 EUR/extra bed/night
During whole year Tourist tax1.15 EUR
During whole year Discount for 2-weeks long stay10%
During whole year Stay with a dogdog - not permitted