Newsletter 2013-06-17, Mountain holidays!

Mountain holidays !

Mountain holidays!
Summer holidays usually have two equally popular forms for our people - one of them is a classic week or two by the sea.
The second one, even more popular, is a week in the mountains one just can't miss out on. It is understandable - mountains offer various forms of holiday experience - some people love to relax in quiet and pure environment in a cozy cabin or cottage, others head out to mountain trails in search of tourist ventures, to push one's limits or admire beautiful mountain nature. And others use their stay at the mountain base to go on trips in the area, to explore new, unknown places along with their cultural and historical monuments.
That is why we bring you from our selection this week the best from the mountain localities. Spend a lovely, carefree and action packed holidays in the mountains!
Limba - mountain holidays
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