Newsletter 2012-04-23, Apartments right at the beach!

Apartments right at the beach !

Apartments right at the beach moreover with a 12% discount!
Spending a holiday in the immediate vicinity of a beach is extremely pleasant and very practical as well. Our clients with small children in particular are aware of that, but also all of those who frequently come and go between the beach and the apartment during the day.

This newsletter is dedicated to them. You will find in it the selection of those apartments, studios and private apartments located not more than 100 metres from the beach.
Limba offers surprisingly many of them, so… just choose!
And not to forget the lovers of thermal waters, we add a selection of attractive apartments and private apartments located 500 metres and less from thermal pools and aquaparks:

HUNGARY - apartments located in the neighborhood of thermal pools and aquaparks
Apartments 4865 - Harkány Apartments 6377 - Hévíz
Apartments 13398 - Hajdúszoboszló Apartments 21752 - Zalakaros
Apartments 6936 - Bük Family pension 10271 - Eger
Stay right at the beach! Limba
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