Newsletter 2012-03-26, Cottages by the water - ideal holidays!

Cottages by the water - ideal holidays !

Cottages offer a unique combination of privacy, large space and emminent contact with the nature, and all that at very reasonable prices. No wonder that more than a third of our clients choose cottages to spend their summer holidays!
Cottages located by the water have a special charm and this newsletter is dedicated to them. Get inspired!
Bungalow 3812 Liptovský Mikuláš Slovakia
Slovakia offers an exceptionally wide choice of cottages. Most of them are situated in an attractive natural environment. What makes them unique is a combination of mountains and thermal waters:
Slovakia - cottages by the water
Slovakia - cottages by the thermal water
Liptov - cottages by the water
Liptov - cottages by the thermal water

Cottages in the vicinity of the most well-known thermal pools and aquaparks:
Aquapark Tatralandia
Thermal Park Bešeňová
Aquacity Poprad
Meanderpark Oravice
Spa - Aquapark Turčianske Teplice
Aquapark and lakes Senec
Dunajská Streda
Veľký Meder
Thermal Park Vrbov
Vodný raj Vyhne
Hungary is a real paradise for lovers of thermal waters. Although most of the accommodation is in private apartments, guest houses and hotels, you can find it in separate cottages and houses as well:
Hungary - cottages and houses by the water
Hungary - cottages and houses by the thermal water

Cottages and houses in the vicinity of thermal spas and aquaparks:
Another popular destination for our cottages-searching clients is the Czech Republic. Many of them offer interesting possibilities for swimming:
Czech Republic - cottages by the water
For your inspiration we offer you a selection of the cottages our clients fancy the most:
Holiday Village Tatralandia - 100m Aquapark Tatralandia
Oravice - 500m Meanderpark
Turčianske Teplice - 850m Spa - Aquapark
Zalakros - Hungary - 500m Thermal spas
Vlachy - 2.5 km Thermal Park Bešeňová
Vyšné Ružbachy - 500m Thermal spas
Bojnice - 1km Thermal spas


Cottage 3306 Oravice Slovakia
Cottage 21751 Zalakaros Hungary
Cottage 13489 Turčianske Teplice Slovakia
Cottage 2937 Vlachy Slovakia
Cottage 564 Vyšné Ružbachy Slovakia
Cottage 22625 Bojnice Slovakia
Cottage 12537 Liptovský Ján Slovakia
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