Newsletter 2011-06-15, 10 tips how to choose well your holiday

10 tips how to choose well your holiday

Has it ever happened to you that choosing your holiday was not an exciting planning of the most beautiful moments of the year but rather a nightmare? Have you ever felt that you no longer want to compare the incomparable offers or search for the missing information and prefer to go anywhere, just let someone make the arrangements for you? If not, congratulations. If so, we have a few pieces of valuable advice for you. To make the holiday selection the first of the pleasant holiday experiences.
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1. Firstly, consider well the kind of accommodation you are interested in. Do you want to relax in the middle of nature and have plenty of space for yourself as well? In that case, look for a cottage with a large piece of land, a fireplace and lovely views. Or is it more important for you to have a selection of restaurants and wellness services around? Choose from the list of well-equipped modern hotels. Or something in between, with a little more privacy? Then you may be better off in a guesthouse with homemade breakfast and individual care. Going to the seaside? Consider the benefits of an apartment with a private terrace with sea views and a hotel resort with swimming pools and nightlife. Take your time when selecting this, everything else depends on it. You will find all this on All in one number – 12,000 accommodation facilities of all kinds.
2. The second fundamental question is: which direction are you heading this year? To the seaside or to the mountains? To a country where you have already been or will you discover new worlds? Will you stay in one place or do you prefer travelling from one to another? Choosing a destination with has one big advantage - our accommodation facilities are described in the same way in all European countries so you can compare each other well, in terms of facilities or in terms of price. The whole Europe is right in front of you in one place.
3. Are you interested in any offer of a travel agency? Have you or your friends already used their services? What are their references like? Has the travel agency been on the market for 15 years or one year only? Do not underestimate this aspect - the success of your vacation might depend on the agency's reliability! Since 1995 nearly one million customers across Europe have used the services of !
4. Is a travel agent convincing you that a particular trip is exactly what you are looking for? Would you prefer a more objective view? That is the job of reviews or guestbooks, where the most objective ones – holidaymakers who spent their holiday at the same place - share their experience. You will find thousands of reviews in the Guestbook on which will become the most valuable source of information for you.
5. It is said that once seen is more than ten times heard. Therefore, you should avoid offers of accommodation with insufficient photo documentation. Also, avoid the accommodation facility photographed from a distance – this usually is for a reason you will not appreciate. On you will find not only plenty of photographs of the exterior and the interior but also the exact location of the accommodation facility on a map which will facilitate the planning of your holiday activities.
6. Be careful when calculating the exact price. Offers with multiple unclear additional charges and surcharges are suspicious. Ask the travel agency to calculate the final price which will not increase even by a cent in your destination! With you can calculate the price of your stay directly online so there will be no unpleasant surprise in your destination.
7. Get informed about the payment method straight away. To pay a deposit beforehand is convenient for you – the travel agency will issue you a voucher which serves as a guarantee that you really get the services you booked. Do not go on a random vacation! issues you a Voucher after paying just 60% of your stay.
8. If you use an internet booking system, find out right away whether the system works online. On you can use a comprehensible occupancy table of all accommodation facilities and use the online reservation for half of them. Online booking is not only fast, it also avoids your chosen accommodation getting occupied in the meantime.
9. Internet reservation systems offer many advantages. However, make sure right from the start that the reservation system is covered by a call centre you can call to anytime in case you have any questions, and also whether you can communicate in your language. This is not obvious as many reservation systems conceal their contact. Do not join those people who unsuccessfully try to contact an anonymous system in a matter of an important issue or booking cancellation. In the call centre we are happy to communicate with our clients – in 10 languages.
10. Make sure the travel agency has a 24/7 telephone hotline in case of a problem during your vacation. You need to be sure you have someone to rely on in case of an emergency. With, the 24/7 contact details are listed directly on your Voucher so you have it with you at all times. After your stay we will contact you by e-mail to see how satisfied you were with your vacation. Your opinion is very important to us – it is impossible to improve our services with no client feedback.
If you have appreciated our advice, we can offer you thousands of accommodation options in the following countries:

Slovakia – 2.660 accommodation options
Croatia – 1.103 accommodation options
Montenegro – 152 accommodation options
Bulgaria – 583 accommodation options
Italy – 1.025 accommodation options
Hungary – 1.125 accommodation options
Austria – 566 accommodation options
Czech Republic – 1.354 accommodation options
Poland – 652 accommodation options
Slovenia – 74 accommodation options

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