Informazioni fondamentali

Agenzia di viaggi Limba

  • è stata fondata nell'anno 1995
  • Con più di 150 000 clienti all'anno provenienti da ogni parte del mondo è leader nelle prenotazioni alloggi
  • dispone dell'offerta maggiore di strutture di alloggio nei paesi dell´Europa centrale e orientale
  • offre ai suoi clienti tutti i tipi di alloggio: chalet e baite, alloggi presso privati, pensioni, alberghi
  • oltre a vacanze organizza anche congressi, operazioni di presentazione, corsi di aggiornamento, attività sportive, di rilassamento e culturali
  • ai gruppi vengono offerte escursioni culturali con ricchi programmi
  • è assicurata per il caso di insolvenza con la compagnia Allianz



Domande frequenti

Lenght of stays

A minimum of duration of 7-night stays are organised during the summer and winter seasons. Shorter stays are organised only as last minute stays (ordered two weeks prior to the stay).
Shorter stays are available in the off-season periods. Some facilities offer weekend stays. The cottages and cabins providing such stays have a special price and number of paid nights specified as minimum in their description.
We have special prices for New Year stays. At that time of year, it is necessary to fulfil the capacity of the respective accommodation facility for 7 nights as a minimum (cottages, cabins, apartments and family boarding houses). We will inform you about New Year prices for individual accommodation facilities in our office. The 50-100% increase of price is to be expected in comparison to winter-season prices.

Types of accommodation

  1. Cottages and cabins
    • private facilities ideal for families and groups that want to be on their own within the accommodation facility. Meals are to be prepared by guests in on-site kitchens with basic cooking equipment made available.
    • bedding is available, if not noted otherwise (please take towels with you).
  2. Alloggi presso privati and apartment houses
    • accommodations located in a separate part of a house - other guests can be accommodated there as well and an owner may also live in the house. The accommodation is usually on a separated floor, and the rooms have their own sanitary equipment and kitchen with basic cooking equipment.
    • bedding is available, if not noted otherwise (please take towels with you).
  3. Hotel e pensioni, bungalow and spa facilities
    • facilities provide board; the bungalows are similar to cottages, there are more of them in the grounds, with a catering establishment nearby.

What does 1x2, 2x3+1, +2 mean?

It means one room with two beds and two rooms with three beds, each with an extra bed, in addition to two extra beds (usually located in the living room or the kitchen).

Stay for two

The accommodation facilities sold as individual rooms are often suitable for smaller groups and couples (family boarding houses, boarding houses and hotels). A couple may rent a cottage or cabin, however, they must pay for its minimum occupation.

Minimum occupation of facility

The minimum occupation of the accommodation facility (cottages and cabins in particular) is a minimum number of beds to be paid by a customer (full price for adult person). The usual price is paid for each bed exceeding the minimum occupation.


We offer several discounts that are specified in the price list: off-season discounts, last minute discounts (week-long stays that must be ordered less than 2 weeks prior to the start of stay), 2-week stay discounts and children discounts. Children discounts in cottages and cabins apply after exceeding of minimum occupation.

Season and off-season

July to August is the summer season, December to end of April is usually the winter season (including Easter). May to June and September is the summer off-season, October to November is the winter off-season. Some accommodation facilities have different time specifications of their seasons.

Stay with a dog

Please inform us in advance if you plan to take your dog with you. Some accommodation facilities take a charge for a dog, and others will accommodate them free of charge. However, some facilities do not permit dogs at all. Avoid situations when a landlord is informed about a dog or another pet at the start of your stay.

What is not included in the price

Usually, local tourist tax and additional fees (garage, sauna, massages, fitness centre, swimming pool, etc.) are not included. Such fees are charged in several ways, and Limba® cannot always include it into its price.

Maps and information of attractions in the surrounding areas of accommodations

Beside information about accommodation Limba tries to provide maps of the location and information about nearby attractions as well. Unfortunately it is not always possible to keep this information up-to-date. Therefore we warn our clients to consider this information as temporary, and in case of serious interest to double-check it with Limba. Dated or inaccurate information cannot be the subject of a complaint.

Prenotazione del soggiorno

You can reserve accommodations through the internet reservation form or by phone. Contact us, while specifying
  • the exact date of your stay,
  • the exact number of persons,
  • a list of preferred accommodation facilities in order of your preference.
We will check the dates and contact you within two working days to agree on the terms and payment.

Confirmation of reservation - the first payment

The first payment is paid after the confirmation of your reservation. The amount of the first payment is different for each accommodation - you can find the information about the amount of the first payment at the bottom part of the price list for the given accommodation facility.
The first payment should be paid within two working days. Be aware that the payment sent by ordinary mail or bank transfer will not arrive in two-days time, even if made in time. To avoid cancellation of your reservation, please send your payment voucher to us by e-mail (or by fax) - it is the only way that we can assure that your payment was sent and reservation is relevant. Put your name or order number within the e-mail message to help us to identify your payment.
Once the first payment voucher is received, we will issue and send your Travel Voucher containing all information necessary for your stay.
If the first payment does not cover the total price for the stay, the remaining sum will be paid at the start of stay to the accommodation owner.
Può rimborsare l'anticipo sul conto corrente nei seguenti paesi: Slovacchia, Repubblica Ceca, Polonia, Ungheria, Germania, Romania, Croazia, Bulgaria.

Travel Voucher

Submitted to you after receiving the confirmation of the first payment, a Travel Voucher is a confirmation of the conditions of your stay. It contains the name and address of accommodation facility, and contact to the provider of the accommodation facility. Please check your Travel Voucher - if there is any incorrect information, please contact us no later than 7 days. Mistakes found later cannot be accepted as a complaint. Take your Travel Voucher with you on your stay and show it to your landlord. You will receive the keys of the object from the owner upon arrival.

Cancellation of a stay

In exceptional cases, Limba® can cancel a paid stay (e.g. illness or another serious reason). Cancellation of a stay is possible only before the check-in date. Thanks to the system of cancellation fees specified in detail in your Travel Voucher, we can pay you back a portion of the first payment. The return of the first payment depends on the date of cancellation:
  • More than 60 days prior to the start of stay: cancellation fee is 25% from the total price.
  • More than 30 days prior to the start of stay, but maximum of 60 days: cancellation fee is 40% from the total price.
  • More than 10 days prior to the start of stay, but maximum of 30 days: cancellation fee is 50% from the total price.
  • 10 days or less prior to the start of stay: cancellation fee is 65% from the total price.
The time intervals mentioned above and corresponding percentages also apply to a cancellation of a part of the stay (the stay is carried out, however, with fewer persons than the number of persons stated on the Travel voucher). Please note: cancellation of a part of the stay is possible only in case the number of persons remaining after the cancellation is not inferior to the number set for the accommodation unit by the landlord - according to the definition of Minimum occupancy. If interested, we can provide insurance in the case of cancellation of your stay due to health reasons. (Warning! Taking out insurance is possible only at the time of making the first payment, therefore please inquire in advance!)
Please call us as well as sending a written cancellation (by e-mail) - state your name, address, number of your Travel Voucher, starting date of your stay, date of cancellation made by phone and name of agent who has accepted your cancellation in your cancellation request. Upon written cancellation of the stay, a cancellation document will be issued and sent to you along with the rest of the advance payment you are entitled to, or in case of a cancellation of a part of the stay, instructions for a financial settlement.

Change in number of people to be accommodated

Your Travel Voucher is issued for an exact number of persons. The number of persons stated in the Travel Voucher cannot be exceeded without mutual agreement, even if some cottages, cabins and family boarding houses have flexible capacity. However, it is not possible to exceed the overall capacity of an accommodation facility. If the overall capacity or capacity stated in the Travel Voucher is exceeded without our approval or approval of the owner, the landlord is entitled to refuse accommodation. It is not permitted to exceed the number of accommodated persons during your stay without prior approval of respective entities.

Start of a stay

The stay check-in begins after 2:00PM, check-out ends at 10:00AM. Call your landlord several days before and agree on your check-in hour (does not apply to bungalows, boarding houses and hotels!). If you stay in a cottage or cabin, agree on a meeting place as well with your landlord to avoid possible misunderstandings.

Problems during the stay

If any problem appears at the check-in or during your stay, please contact us immediately - the majority of such problems can be resolved by discussion with the owner, therefore Limba® operates a 24-hour line. If the owner did not provide services corresponding to our information, you are entitled to claim reimbursement. To start a complaint procedure, call us immediately after the detection of any problems.


The customer is obliged to hand over the accommodation facility free of any damages. The landlord (in particular owners of cottages, cabins or family boarding houses) has right to require a deposit for the case of damage that will be returned to you at the end of your stay if equipment remains undamaged. You will be informed about the amount of deposit before start of your stay.

Satisfaction of our customers

The satisfaction of our customers is our commitment, and therefore we employ a strict quality control system in our work. We contact our customers both by e-mail and telephone after their stay for feedback. We are happy to receive any opinions and comments, as they are the greatest resource of information necessary for improvement of our services.

Claims procedure

  • In the case that the range and quality of the provided services does not correspond with the information indicated on the website, the customer maintains the right to eliminate any wrongly provided services. To file a claim, the customer should call the 24-hour phone service of Limba TA without delay (the phone number is indicated on the Travel voucher).
  • If the TA does not provide proper correction of the reclaimed services on time, the customer can file his/her claim upon their return (in writing) 3 months after the end of the stay (at the latest), or if the services have not been used at all, from the day the stay was supposed to end according to the contract.
  • The TA is exempt from responsibility of damage caused by the breach of its duty at providing services or breaching of the contract, if the damage was not caused by the travel agency or its contract partners, and the damage was caused by the customer or a third party not connected with providing services, or with an event which could not have been avoided despite adequate preparation, or as a consequence of unusual and unforeseen circumstances.
  • When solving a complaint, the customer is obliged to fully collaborate with the travel agency in order to solve any problem(s) effectively and to avoid any damages.